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ClearFax is perfect for faxing any Windows document that includes images such as brochures,  flyers, artwork, web pages, invoices, flowcharts etc. ClearFax works seamlessly with WinFax or any Windows based fax software to deliver photo-quality faxes regardless of the receiving fax machine  or printer. If you can print it, you can ClearFax it!

ClearFax V1.9
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Our award-winningClearFax software is for Win 95/98/ME. Send photo-quality faxes from any word or graphics program to any fax machine or PC.  ClearFax works seamlessly with your existing Windows fax software.  If you can print it, you can ClearFax it!   

ClearFax Turbo V2.0
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New ClearFax Turbofeatures “Turbo Fax” for sending photo-quality faxes twice as fast without any noticeable image degradation. Other features include manual and default image half-toning control settings, image intensity control and more. Save money on every fax you send! 

ClearFax Turbo PRO V2.0  
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New ClearFaxTurbo PRO is loaded with powerful, new controls for advanced document and imaging control. Features include “Turbo Fax” for sending faxes twice as fast without image degradation, manual  and default image half-toning control settings and custom image intensity controls. 

  • Convert and save documents as TIFF, BMP, GIF, PCX or DCX files

  • Files sizes are compressed by half for storing and archiving

  • Turbo Fax for sending faxes twice as fast without image degradation

  • Manual and default Image Half-toning and intensity controls

  • Viewer Window with zoom function and more

Compare the above products to see which best suits your needs.  

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