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Can I use ClearFax if I don't have fax software of my own?  

You must have a fax software program e.g. Microsoft Fax, WinFax Pro®. FaxRush®, BroadFax®, HotFax® to run ClearFax.

Can I use ClearFax to print any type of graphics, photos, brochure layouts, catalogs with pictures and artwork?

Yes, ClearFax is designed to produce laser-quality output specifically for fax machines especially the old thermal paper types. This older type fax machine still represents 75% of all fax machines.


Is ClearFax compatible with other software programs i.e. graphics, spreadsheets, word processing programs etc.?

Yes, you can print from any application i.e. Quark®, PhotoShop®, PageMaker®, FreeHand®, Illustrator®, Corel®, MS Word® etc. to any fax software i.e. WinFax®, Microsoft Fax®, FaxRush®, BroadFax®, HotFax®.


Will my faxes send faster?

Transmission time savings can vary, from a little to a savings of twice as fast, depending on the size of the image being transmitted.


Does the party I'm sending a fax to require ClearFax as well in order to receive a photo-like fax?

Only the sender needs ClearFax to transmit high resolution faxes to anyone with a fax machine or fax modem in their computer.


Can I use ClearFax to fax documents that contain color images or graphics?

Yes. ClearFax will convert all images.


Do I need to convert my images to black and white before sending them with ClearFax?

No, you can send images of any color, depth, or complexity with ClearFax and they will look great.


Can ClearFax enhance a fax sent to me from someone that doesn't have ClearFax?

Once a fax has been transmitted ClearFax can't convert it again.


Isn't the curly paper thermal fax machine obsolete?

According to the fax paper industry, over 300 billion lineal feet of thermal paper was sold last year. Estimates for this year are in excess of half a trillion lineal feet. Thermal fax machines still represent 70% of the ever-increasing worldwide facsimile market.


How much memory does my computer need to run ClearFax ?

You should have windows 95 or 98, with a minimum of 16 megabytes of ram. The actual software only requires half megabyte of hard disc space.

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