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About Us

The Company
ClearFax.com is a privately held corporation that has successfully identified market needs and is providing proprietary technology solutions to meet those needs. The company is composed of a wide range of talented individuals whose collective expertise is multi-faceted, involving every aspect of computer imaging and document communications.  

The company develops and markets proprietary imaging and document communications technologies including fax, print and e-mail solutions and services that make it easy, economical and effective for individuals and businesses to communicate. 

The company is able to provide comprehensive contract licensing services in the development of custom Imaging and Communications printer drivers including customization of the award winning ClearFax printer drivers on all Windows platforms.

See our Programming Services page for more detail.


  • Application Development and Programming (all platforms)
  • Printer Driver Technology Licensing and Private-labeling
  • ClearFax Integration (to your specification)
  • Enhanced Fax and E-mail communications
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • Unified Messaging

ClearFax.com gained national recognition when featured in the September 1999 issue of Popular Science Magazine as the fax software of choice for sending visual Information and photographs by fax. ClearFax was featured again in the November 2000 Buyers Guide as one of "The Best Products for 2000".

ClearFax.com is based in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, and has been providing cutting-edge solutions to the print and fax communications industry since 1996.