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ClearFax™ works with your existing fax software to send image-intensive documents such as brochures, artwork and photographs, with clear, brilliant detail to any fax machine or printer.

New ClearFax Turbo has advanced features such as:

* User variable image half-toning controls  
* User variable image intensity controls
* New "Turbo Fax” technology for faster fax transmission times up to twice as fast

Improve Your Fax Image
ClearFax has been developed by fax and imaging experts to make the process of faxing images easy. ClearFax automated process of rendering images specifically for faxing, dramatically improves fax image quality and assures every fax you send arrives with clear, brilliant detail.

Control Your Image
If you've ever received a fax that contains images, you know just how unclear they can be.  ClearFax lets you be in control of the appearance of every document you fax. Now when you send image-intensive materials using ClearFax, you can send them with confidence knowing they'll be received and seen as you intended.

Easy to Use
ClearFax is quick to install and snap to use, and works with any Windows fax applications such as WinFax PRO® and Microsoft Fax® etc. To ClearFax a document from any Windows application, simply choose 'ClearFax' as your printer and 'Print'. ClearFax prepares your document and seamlessly hands it off for faxing as usual.

Expanded Faxing Capabilities
Because images have not usually faxed well in the past, most people have learned to simply not fax documents that contain images. ClearFax raises the bar for faxing capabilities, allowing you to send such image-intensive materials as:


Web Pages

Advertising Layouts

Sales Materials



Artwork Proofs

Vector Images

Fax Broadcast Ads

Reliable Communications
With an installed base of over 100 million machines worldwide, fax is a communication standard that is relied on everyday by business around the world. In fact, 40 percent of enterprise telecommunications traffic is due to faxing. When it comes to mission-critical communications, business turns to fax as a trusted means of document delivery that is low in cost, tangible to the recipient, and virus-free for valuable computer equipment.

Popular Science Magazine, Sept' 2000 Buyers Guide issue, rated ClearFax as:
"A Product You Can't Live Without"

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP

1 MB hard drive space

32MB RAM (64 recommended)

Fax Modem

Any Windows Fax Software e.g. (WinFax Pro, Microsoft Fax etc)

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