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What is ClearFax?

ClearFax is a Windows fax printer driver that allows you to deliver photo-quality faxes from any Windows desktop program. ClearFax produces the visual effect of high-resolution output. With ClearFax you can produce stunning, high-resolution output, even on the oldest fax machines. ClearFax seamlessly integrates with SmartFax, WinFax, PhoneWorks, 800Works, BroadFax, eFax or any Windows-based fax software. If you can print it - you can ClearFax it! Popular Science Magazine rates ClearFax as "A Product You Can't Live Without..."

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How Does it Work?

To activate ClearFax, prepare your document in any Windows application that supports printing (which is almost all of them).  When you have a document that you wish to send as a fax, just start printing it as you normally would but in the printer selection box choose “ClearFAX Turbo” as a current  printer.

ClearFax enhances the images in your document and then hands over control to your pre-selected fax-handling program (e.g. WinFax.) Your normal fax handling software will take you through the usual process of sending a fax. You can still use any fax program on its own (without ClearFax) just by selecting a printer other than ClearFax as your printing device. ClearFax does not modify any applications.

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A.   CLEARFAX “PRINT DIALOG” See* (Diagram 1) below.

  • Open any Windows document. (Word, Acrobat, Quark, Web Page etc.)

  • Select “File” from the upper left menu bar and click “Print”.

  • Select “ClearFax Turbo” from the pull-down menu. Then Click “OK”


·  A PC running either Windows 95/98/ME or Windows NT/2000/XP

·  A fax modem

·   64 Megabytes of RAM or more

·   1 Megabyte of hard disk space

·  Fax sending software (WinFax, Microsoft Fax, eFax, etc)

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