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Award-Winning Fax Imaging software for Home Office and Business users
NEW: Windows XP support
NEW: Integrates directly with SmartFax and PhoneWorks 2000
NEW: Save Windows documents as high resolution TIFF, GIF, BMP, PCX and DCX Image files
ClearFax Pro is perfect for faxing Windows documents that contain images such as brochures, flyers, artwork, web pages, invoices, etc. ClearFax works seamlessly with SmartFax 2000 and Phoneworks 2000 to deliver photo-quality faxes regardless of the receiving fax machine or printer.

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What's New with ClearFax?

Windows XP Support - ClearFax Pro is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Office XP software.

SmartFax 2000 and PhoneWorks 2000 synchronization - ClearFax allows you to send photo-quality faxes from any word or graphics application to any fax machine or PC. ClearFax's automated process of rendering images specifically for faxing, dramatically improves fax image quality and assures every fax you send arrives with brilliant detail and it works seamlessly with SmartFax 2000 or PhoneWorks 2000. If you can print it, you can ClearFax it!

Turbo Fax Technology for faster faxing - You'll save time and money on every photo-quality fax you send with our revolutionary Turbo Fax Technology which has been designed by imaging and document communications experts to ensure that all your faxes are transmitted in high resolution up to twice as fast as any other fax software driver!

Improved Imaging Control Features - New ClearFax Pro is loaded with powerful, new user controls for advanced imaging and document communications for optimum fax image output.

Numerous Other Enhancements, including:

  • New, sharper User Interface
  • Automatic printing from any Windows desktop program
  • Ability to convert documents to TIFF, BMP, GIF, PCX or DCX image files
  • Image viewer with zoom function
  • File sizes are compressed by half for storing and archiving
  • Ability to customize image intensity of any fax Custom Image Half-toning and intensity controls
  • Ability to lighten/darken image output of any fax
  • Ability to select "Turbo Fax" for faster faxing
  • and much more...

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ClearFax Pro Key Features:

Easy to Use, Easy to Setup, Easy to Own

  • Sets up quickly in three easy steps.
  • Photo-realistic fax interface makes ClearFax Turbo Pro easy to learn and use
  • Easily fax documents by printing to ClearFax driver from any Windows program
Expanded Faxing Capabilities

Because images have not usually faxed well in the past, most people have learned to simply not fax documents that contain images. ClearFax raises the bar for fax imaging capabilities, allowing you to send such image-intensive materials as:

  • Product Brochures
  • Web Pages
  • Advertising Layouts
  • Sales Materials
  • Graphics/Images/Photos
  • Send faxes from within any Windows application (using the included printer driver)
  • Fax Broadcast Ads
How Does it Work?

To activate ClearFax, prepare your document in any Windows application that supports printing (which is almost all of them). When you have a document that you wish to send as a fax, just start printing it as you normally would but in the printer selection box choose “ClearFAX” as a current printer.

ClearFax enhances the images in your document and then hands over control to your pre-selected fax-handling program (e.g. SmartFax 2000 or Phoneworks 2000.) Your normal fax handling software will take you through the usual process of sending a fax. You can still use any fax program on its own (without ClearFax) just by selecting a printer other than ClearFax as your printing device. ClearFax does not modify any applications.


ClearFax has won numerous awards and has been featured in many news and trade publications including:

  • CBS2 News (New York)
  • Popular Science Magazine (Rated as "A product you can't live Without".)
  • PC World ("Give your faxes a facelift with ClearFax")
  • Windows Magazine ("Photo-realistic faxes from any Windows application")
  • Realtor Magazine ("Best Fax Imaging software of choice")
  • Z-Law ("We give it 5 stars...")
  • L.A. Times (Orange County Edition)
  • Supports most USB, serial, internal, and external fax modems
  • Supports Class 1, 2, & 2.0 Fax Standards
  • Compatible with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP
  • Compatible with any Windows based Fax Software program

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Product and Upgrade FAQ
  • Does ClearFax work with RingCentral SmartFax or PhoneWorks?
    Yes, the ClearFax Printer Driver converts your Windows documents into photo-quality TIFF files before it automatically boots SmartFax or PhoneWorks for viewing and fax transmission.

  • Can I use ClearFax if I don't have fax software of my own?
    No, you must have a Windows fax software program e.g. SmartFax or PhoneWorks to run ClearFax.

  • Is ClearFax compatible with other software programs i.e. Word, Quark, Publisher, Photoshop, Excell?
    Yes, ClearFax allows you to fax from any Windows program, just like your desktop printer can.

  • Can I use ClearFax to print any type of graphics, photos, brochure layouts, catalogs with pictures?
    Yes, ClearFax will make all your images and photos be received as you intended.

  • Does the party I'm sending a fax to require ClearFax as well in order to receive a photo-like fax?
    No, only the fax sender needs ClearFax to transmit high resolution faxes to anyone with a fax machine or fax modem in their computer. .

  • Can ClearFax enhance a fax sent to me from someone that doesn't have ClearFax?
    No, once a fax has been transmitted via a modem, ClearFax cannot enhance it.

  • Can I use ClearFax to fax documents that contain color images or graphics?
    Yes. ClearFax will convert all color images, photos or graphics into hi-resolution TIFF files.

  • Will ClearFax slow down the fax transmission times by much?
    Slightly, but the stunning, photo-quality fax output more than makes up for slower times.

  • Can I use ClearFax to create TIFF, BMP, GIF, PCX and DCX Image files?
    Yes, but only with ClearFax Pro.

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ClearFax System Requirements
  • Pentium 100Mhz or equivalent
  • 16MB RAM (32MB recommended)
  • 28MB of free hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Fax/Data Modem: Class 1, Class2, Class 2.0
  • Windows 95, 98, NT, Me, Windows 2000, or Windows XP

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* Price is for Download. Have the CD-ROM software package shipped to your door for an additional $10 plus shipping and handling. (CA residents must add sales tax).

** Microsoft Outlook or Outlook express is not included or required to use ClearFax.