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Documenting the Fax of Life: Despite E-Mail, Facsimile still rules at work

Despite the growing popularity of e-mail, the venerable facsimile machine still rules the office and that means the paper-free work place remains a distant fantasy, according to two Gallup Organization polls. The surveys commissioned by Pitney Bowes, the Stamford, Conn. based company that just happens to make fax machines and other business equipment, found that fax were the preferred method of sending documents.

In a survey designed to gauge communications preferences among 500 large and mid-sized companies, respondents on average said that their productivity would drop by about 40% if their fax machines were taken away. The flow of paper has increased at 67% of the large companies and 71 % of the medium companies over the last year. A separate survey of telecommunications managers at 305 large companies found that the average number of faxes sent per day nearly doubled to 1,918 from 1,095 the year before.

LA TIMES (Business Section) [Mon, September 27, 1999]

ClearFax.Com Inc., announced today the introduction of ClearFax, the first software product using its new proprietary enhanced imaging technology for faxing. ClearFax significantly enriches the quality of all images sent via fax and works in conjunction with most existing fax software products, such as Symantec's WinFax ProTM or Microsoft FaxTM, EFax.TM

"Now, for the first time, computer based faxed images can be transmitted and received around the world in breathtaking photo-like realism," noted William Conti, President of ClearFax.com. "Images and documents faxed from a computer can arrive at any existing fax machine, even the oldest thermal fax machines and produce stunning laser-quality results.

With ClearFax, ($79.95 SRP), computer users can send image intensive faxes, such as press releases, brochures, advertising layouts, photographs, artwork, advertising proofs, vector images, or any mission critical documents with imbedded photos, and be assured that they'll be received with clear, brilliant detail.

ClearFax is of special importance to businesses and government agencies that can use enhanced images in faxing for marketing, sales and image verification purposes, such as real estate, travel, law enforcement agencies and insurance companies.

"With an estimated installed base of 70 million fax machines in the U.S. alone, and 5 million new machines sold each year, we anticipate that ClearFax will become the standard for all computer based faxing of images and documents worldwide.

ClearFax is designed for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000.
System requirements are 32 MB of RAM (64 MB recommended) and 1 MB of hard disk space.

(PALOS VERDES, CA) [April 01, 2000]